Pappi Pet is a result of two foodies who have a mother who is very fond of cooking. Her makes and bakes were so famous that whenever we used to meet people, they would inquire if we had ‘Mummy Made’ pickles or snacks.

Be it during our school days, college days or at our workplace, the popularity for Mummy’s pickle or snacks was such that it used to get over within minutes.    

Also, Mummy always wanted to take this one step further. Not specific to snacks or pickles but tiffin service (yes she is pro at a lot of other food items as well) 🙂 . Thus, it was always in the back of our minds on how we can fulfill this wish. As with any typical Indian middle class, the time for that never really came with ‘job security’ being a major concern or say part of log kya bolenge surroundings. And being at a different location due to job, we never really were able to get this to fruition.

Thanks to COVID (though we never wanted it to happen this way), we are now all in one place. And thus no more excuses for us to realize her dream. So, here’s our modest attempt to take these lip-smacking recipes to the world(after all why should only our near and dear ones have all the fun) 🙂 .

Starting with one of the most popular recipes of our Mother: ‘Hing Mango Pickle‘ – the journey has now started for Paapi Pet. As a brand promise, we will only bring to you those products that have been loved by one and all in our closed circle.

Needless to say, our all products are 100% Homemade and with no preservatives. So if you are someone whose PET HAI KI MANTA NAHIN, try our products and we are sure you’ll ask for more!

With love,
From our family kitchen to yours!



We do not compromise on the quality of the ingredients to ensure that you get the best flavor and taste.


Our products are 100% home-made and mummy-made


We promise that we will never use any preservatives/additives in our recipes and use 100% natural ingredients

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