Paapi Pet’s Homemade Assorted Box has all the special laddus offered by Paapi Pet. It includes 2 of each

  1. Besan Til Laddu
  2. Besan Dry Fruit Laddu
  3. Aata Dry Fruit Laddu
  4. Aata Gond Dry Fruit Laddu
  5. Ragi Peanut Laddu
  6. Moong Dal Laddu
  7. Dates Dry Fruit Laddu
  8. Dates Seeds Laddu.

It is a perfect laddu box for the whole family.

WEIGHT: 500g

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Paapi Pet’s Homemade Assorted Laddu box has all the special laddu’s offered by Paapi Pet. It includes 2 of each i.e. Besan Til, Besan Dry Fruit, Aata Dry Fruit, Aata Gond Dry Fruit, Ragi Peanut, Moong Dal Til, Dates Dry Fruit, and Dates Seeds.

It is a perfect box for the whole family.

We make the laddus in small batches at home using the finest quality ingredients. It is made using Healthy Cow Ghee. The laddu will give you a homely taste.

Paapi Pet’s laddu is special as they are made by a passionate grandmother. She ensures that they are roasted and sweetened to perfection and cooked on low flame. You can judge by yourself by looking at the color of the laddus. They have a melt-in-the-mouth texture.  Everyone in the family will love it.

We ensure all hygiene measures in the making process and do not compromise on the quality of the products, thus guaranteeing you 100% purity.

We keep the size of the laddu in such a way that it is sufficient to satisfy your taste buds for a given point in time. Our laddu weighs 32g approx. It is neither too big nor too small.

Package Content: Box of 16(500g)

Shelf Life: 60 Days; Ingredient Type: Vegetarian

Weight:  32g


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